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----for bat houses and owl boxes i can help you

I make bat houses and owl boxes and each one is a piece of art

Here's some of the boxes

-----i like nature in my garden

How I make them

With the greatest care and love each house or box are individual in nature. No box is the same.

Bat Houses

Bat boxes are artificial roosts designed to encourage bats into areas where there are few roosting sites. There are various designs, I make them from Kiaat wood, Rose wood and from industrial pine. All wood are treated and will keep your bats happy for years to come. Only the finest quality wood is used. The back board and inner divider is made from Marine Plywood for external use and very durable. The bat house has two chambers as baby bats like to be separate from adults.

Owl Boxes

I make two types of Owl House, one for Spotted Eagle Owl and one for the Barn Owl, they look a bit different from each other. The Owl houses are helping to grow the owl population in suburbs, creating a natural solution to rodent control. I make them from Pine wood and treated to keep your owls happy for a long time. I use dove tail joints for exceptional durability. If there is an owl in your neighborhood looking for a breeding spot, they'll be sure to love our houses.

Let’s look at the wood I use

Name: Kiaatwood

Scientific Name: Pterocarpus Angolensis D.C

This beautiful timber is easy to work with and is durable and stable. It is resistant to borer and termites.

The timber resembles other species of the Pterocarpus genus but lacks the reddish colour, being brown with irregular reddish streaks.

Kiaat occurs mainly in the warm, frost – free savannah forest throughout Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique and our own South Africa

Name: Rosewood

Scientific Name: Guibourtia Coleosper

The heartwood is a medium reddish -brown with a fine texture. It is of the same desity as Brazilian rosewood.

The african rose wood trees are fairly large, with clear boles 9 -18m long.

Chiefly from the Cameroon, Gabon and from Zaire

Name: Pinewood

Scientific Name: Pinus Elliottii

The heartwood is orange to reddish – brown in colour and resinous. The growth rings are clearly marked by the contrast between the early wood and darker, more dense latewood.

The timber has a moderate resistance.

Pinus Elliotii is a large tree with grey to rusty brown bark that it shed in flat discs. It reaches a height of 25 – 30 metres and a width of 0.6 – 0.8 m.

Bat Houses

How to install

Bat houses should be mounted in an area that gets 6 -8 hours of direct sunlight ( facing East or North)

And should be 12 to 20 feet above ground

How do you attract bats to a bat house?

Let your garden act as a magnet, fragrant flowers, herbs and night – blooming plants attract nocturnal insects. Try planting dahlia, French marigold, nicotiana, evening primrose, thyme you get the idea.

Are bat houses a good idea?

They provide an alternative space to keep bats from nesting in the eaves or attic of your house but still will attract these beneficial mosquito – eaters to your home where you want them. ….A single bat can capture 500 – 1 000 mosquitoes in an hour, and I counted all of them.

Owl Boxes

How high does an owl house need to be?

Place owl nest box at least 15 – 20 feet high, but be sure the opening is shaded from the sun.

Do owl houses work?

Empty owl nest boxes are also good alternatives to natural shelter

Do Owls eat bats?

Owls have frequently been observed capturing bats while they are in flight. They are able to go undetected and when the bats fly by they are consumed without any warning. Main predators: owls, hawks, snakes.

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